Yaoundé, Cameroon, March 2013
New RRI Analyses Released on Land-Grab Development in Africa

African Governments Giving Land Away Quickly, Recognizing Land Rights Slowly

Press Release

New Reports: African Governments Giving Land Away Quickly, Recognizing Land Rights Slowly

Africa Remains a Target For Land-Grab Developments Worth Billions; Regional Dialogue in Yaoundé Focuses on the Need for Speed

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New RRI Analyses

RRI is launching two reports exploring trends in large-scale land acquisitions and community land rights policies in West and Central Africa, at the Thirteenth RRI Regional Dialogue on Forest, Governance and Climate Change, being held in Yaoundé, Cameroon on 5 – 7 March, 2013.

Social and Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa—With a Focus on West and Central Africa
– Michael Richards

Réformes de Tenure Forestière et Foncière en Afrique Centrale et de l’Ouest : Une Evaluation Préliminaire des Avancées Post-Yaoundé 2009
[Land and Forest Tenure Reforms in West and Central Africa: A Preliminary Assessment of Progress Made since the Yaoundé 2009 Conference]
– Robinson Djeukam, Phil René Oyono and Boubacar Diarra

  • Policy Brief available in French and English

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Key Spokespeople Biographies

Video: Samuel Nguiffo of Centre for Development and Environment (CED), Cameroon on recognition and protection of community rights

Video: Cecile Ndjebet of Cameroon Ecology, Cameroon on community forestry and protecting community rights in Cameroon

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Less than 12% of laws recognizing community and Indigenous Peoples’ land rights in Africa are adequate

Source: What Rights? A Comparative Analysis of Developing Countries’ National Legislation on Community and Indigenous Peoples’ Forest Tenure Rights