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Évènements à venir

FLARE – Rome

Date 3 Oct 2024 to 7 Oct 2024

Événements passés

RRI Engagements at the 2023 UN Climate Week

Date 15 Sep 2023 to 21 Sep 2023

RRI organized and supported the following high-level events on the sidelines of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, which was held September 17-24,…

Women in Global South Alliance (WiGSA) at the 7th GEF Assembly

Date 22 Aug 2023 to 26 Aug 2023

Two members of the Women in Global South Alliance for tenure and climate (WiGSA) will attend the 7th GEF Assembly in Vancouver, Canada to advocate for a…

Webinar : Payer le prix

Date 11 Feb 2021

Webinar : Payer le prix – Une discussion sur la criminalisation des défenseurs des droits fonciers et environnementaux en Afrique de l’Est

Scaling Up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights

Date 26 Mar 2014 to 26 Mar 2014

Emplacement Washington" DC

Pays USA

On March 26″ Jenny Springer » Director » Global Programs at RRI chaired a session on Scaling Up Strategies for Securing Community Land and Resource Rights at…

International Women’s Day Rally

Date 4 Mar 2014 to 8 Mar 2014

Emplacement Monrovia

Pays Liberia

In commemoration of International Women’s Day » 8 March » REFACOF (African Women's Network for Community Management of Forests) » the Foundation for Community Initiatives » and the Rights…