Parliamentarian Awareness-Building Workshop on Environmental and Land Use Planning Issues



From July 22-23, the Network of Parliamentarians for the Management of Forests and Ecosystems in Central Africa (REPAR) will be holding a parliamentarian workshop at the National Assembly in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The objective of the workshop is to ensure a better understanding of the environmental stakes and related land use planning issues by the newly elected Members of Parliament.  More specifically, the aim of this workshop is to raise awareness amongst Parliamentarians on land use planning and the sustainable management of natural resources and their interrelations with other issues such as land, mines, community rights as well as to ensure that vulnerable groups are taken into account. The expected outcomes of this workshop are a better understanding of the vision of  the REPAR as well as strengthen Parliamentarians’ contributions on questions of environmental sustainability and land use planning, including an update of their strategic action plan.

Contact: L’Honorable Jean Jacques ZAM: [email protected]

Documents (French):

EN-TOR and Agenda Parliamentarian workshop

Communiqué final Atelier d’imprégnation des parlementaires