Cameroon Workshop for Elected Officials and Opinion Leaders

03/16/2010 - 03/17/2010



Location Name:
Hôtel Franco



This event aims mainly to help make selected legislators and opinion leaders increasingly knowledgeable actors in defending community tenure rights to forest resources. These will be ensured mainly in plenary through presentations of results achieved by RRI-Cameroon coalition and through discussions and exchanges of experiences and lessons.

Secondly" the Workshop seeks to mobilize the power and influence of legislators and opinion leaders to more effectively make their contributions towards achieving greater space for community rights and empowerment within the ongoing Forest Policy review process. Action plans and tactics will be agreed to in working sessions between like-minded/interest groups of participants" providing details of actions" next steps and follow-up propositions.

Please contact Serge Ngendakumana" ICRAF ([email protected]) or Adonis Milol" IUCN ([email protected]) for more information. 


  • Termes de references: Atelier national des législateurs et leaders d'opinion pour l’élaboration d’un plan d’actions en vu du renforcement des droits des communautés dans le cadre des réformes des régimes foncier et forestier au Cameroun
  • Agenda (French): Workshop for Elected Official and Opinion Leaders
  • Conference Report: National Workshop of Parliamentarians" traditional chiefs and Opinion Leaders for the Strengthening of Communities' Rights in the Context of land & forest tenure reforms in Cameroon