Multi-stakeholder Dialogue: RRI Cameroon Coalition pushes for the institutionalization of participatory mapping



The RRI Cameroon Coalition will hold a multi-stakeholder dialogue from March 2 – 3 in Kribi, Cameroon, to consolidate advocacy efforts around key elements of Cameroon’s ongoing forest and land reforms, including the institutionalization of participatory mapping, the creation of a community domain, and the recognition of the village as a legal entity. Over 40 participants are expected to attend the event, with representatives from civil society, Indigenous Peoples and local community members, and government officials from the Prime Minister’s office and various ministries. The expected outcome of the dialogue is the development of policy recommendations to inform the land, land use planning, and forest reform processes.



For more information, contact Rose Pélagie Masso, Cameroon Ecology, or Mary Nyuyinwi, RRI Facilitator for Central Africa.