Our Partner, Affiliated Network, and Collaborator organizations are directly engaged in land and forest policy reforms in close to 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Together, we are working to encourage greater global commitment and action on pro-poor tenure, policy, and market reforms.

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Independent Monitoring and Evaluation

As part of the governance and coordination of the RRI, an Independent Monitor conducts the annual independent evaluation of the RRI program. The Independent Monitor is responsible for monitoring all RRI activities and providing recommendations for adjustments in the strategic approach and/or Coalition functioning. Annual reports from RRI’s Independent Monitor can be accessed below:

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In 2015, RRI underwent an independent midterm evaluation of the implementation of RRI activities and impacts from 2013-2015. The evaluation, conducted by Universalia, can be found here.

In 2011, RRI underwent an independent evaluation of the implementation of RRI activities and impacts from 2008-2012. The evaluation, conducted by The Mountain Institute, can be found here.

Annual Narrative Reports

Annual statements summarizing the yearly business and affairs of the Initiative and its annual activities are available to the public. Access them below:

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RRI’s Framework Agreement


Memorandum of Understanding & Institutional and Business Arrangements


Audited Financial Statements

Rights and Resources Group (RRG), the 501 c(3) nonprofit coordinating mechanism of the Rights and Resources Initiative, has been entrusted by our supporters with financial resources to work toward the mission and goals of the Initiative. To justify this trust, RRG is committed to being an effective steward of these resources to put them to the most effective use in our work.

Rights and Resources Group documents our effective stewardship by undertaking an annual independent audit of our financial accounts. To demonstrate our commitment to financial accountability and transparency, our annual Audited Financial Statements are available below:

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IRS Annual Information Return

All US-based tax-exempt charitable organizations must file an Annual Information Return to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which documents the revenue, expenses, activities, and governance of the organization. These are available for public inspection at the US Internal Revenue Service, and must also be made available to any member of the public that requests a copy. To meet this requirement, and to demonstrate full transparency and accountability, Rights and Resources Group makes these available below:

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Annual Work Plan Documents