Funding Mechanisms

RRI has been at the forefront of developing mechanisms and tools to efficiently get funding to where it is most needed to advance community land and resource rights.

RRI currently operates two mechanisms to accelerate direct access financing: the Strategic Response Mechanism (SRM) and a new global regranting mechanism, the Community Land Rights and Conservation Finance Initiative (CLARIFI). Both are geared to substantively increase this funding for local organizations and initiatives led by Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and Afro-descendant Peoples.

The Strategic Response Mechanism is designed to fund timely advocacy, capacity building, and convening opportunities in a wide range of low to middle income countries. It makes grants up to US$100,000 that can be channeled quickly within weeks to take advantage of urgent and strategic opportunities. Learn more.

The Community Land Rights and Conservation Finance Initiative (CLARIFI), launched in January 2022, will regrant funds to advance justice, climate, conservation, and development goals in a wide range of lower to middle income countries in the world. It aims to deploy grants of $100,000 to $1 million as well as supporting rightsholders’ organizations as a pass-through financial mechanism for larger grants between $5-$50 million. CLARIFI is currently in its piloting phase focusing on projects in the Congo Basin and the Tropical Andes. Learn more.

RRI also launched the International Land and Forest Tenure Facility in 2014, which is now an independent nonprofit. The Tenure Facility is a global financial mechanism that provides large grants to secure tenure rights in countries where there is an existing legal framework to enable the implementation of such rights.

Each of these funding mechanisms address needs long felt by Indigenous and community organizations for vehicles that mobilize funding directly to them for activities not yet supported adequately by donors. These may include strengthening communities’ territorial governance and management, advancing gender justice, fighting criminalization and rollback of rights, and establishing an enabling legal environment for securing their rights.

Strategic Response Mechanism   CLARIFI