Organizational Policies

The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), a global Coalition of more than 150 organizations, is coordinated by the Rights and Resources Group, a nonprofit, tax-deductible nonprofit based in Washington, DC, USA, with a second office in Montreal, Canada. In addition to, we also own and manage several other related websites, including, and

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Safeguarding of Individuals and Ethical Behavior

Considering RRI’s mission to support Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendent Peoples, and local communities, respect and transparency are the basis of the relationship between RRG employees and all RRI partners and collaborators. As a way of ensuring that our actions are grounded in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, we are offering an anonymous reporting service for incidents involving, misuse of personal data, financial misreporting, illegal or unethical actions, actions that are not in accordance with our code of conduct, or any other situation involving inappropriate conduct.

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You can also review other reporting options under our Whistleblower Policy.