RRI's Cross-Regional Gender Justice Workshops

RRI’s cross-regional spaces enable a robust exchange of knowledge on Indigenous, Afro-descendant and local community women’s agendas on land tenure and decision-making rights, as well as lessons learned from gaining representation on decision-making platforms.

These workshops aim to achieve greater alignment and coordination on women’s rights-based agendas across these regions, and ultimately influence international for a such as the Convention on Biodiversity and the UN Climate Change Conference.

See materials from previous workshops below. For information on upcoming workshops, contact: Lorene Moran-Valenzuela

Photo credit: Dan Klotz

1st RRI Cross-Regional Gender Justice Workshop

Presentations by Keynote Speaker Eileen Mairena Cunningham:

  • Original in Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Indonesian Bahasa
  • Portuguese
  • Summary of Key Takeaways:

    2nd RRI Cross-Regional Gender Justice Workshop

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