June 1 - October 1, 2018


Coalition of Women Leaders for the Environment and for Sustainable Development (CFLEDD)

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In 2018, the government of the DRC announced its intentions to revise its Forest Code and threatened to lift the moratorium on forest concessions. Using the SRM, CFLEDD sought to create and implement a strategic advocacy and consensual action plan for use by civil society groups to secure their inclusion and participation in these processes. This was created with input from approximately 115 civil society members. CFLEDD also recruited three consultants to write technical notes on the Congolese Forest Policy, Forest Code revisions, the lifting of the forest moratorium, and the place of transversal themes and rights of local populations and civil society throughout these processes.

These policy notes were then validated at national level workshops and formatted into brochures for wider public distribution. The information is formatted so that it is easier for communities to understand. CFLEDD also had exchanges with FONAREDD and the Congolese parliament to validate the technical notes. As a result of this activity and cooperation with administrative institutions, civil society and communities are much more strongly implicated in the advocacy process for the forest governance policies.