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Under contract for the period July 11, 2019 to Extended to December 15, 2019



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Outcome: support ONIC is helping the Ethnic Commission of Peace (IP-AD organizations) to engage with the Colombian government at the highest levels, aiming to secure the allocation of budget to implement the Ethnic Chapter of the peace accord, which constitutes the safeguard mechanism for the protection of the collective tenure rights of Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples.

Results to August 2019: 

Under the new government of President Duque, the implementation of the peace accord has been  delayed. For Indigenous, Afro-descendant and women’s organizations the delay in the peace accord implementation has increased insecurity at all levels.  The systematic killing of Indigenous and Afro-descendant leaders, reaching more than 500 leaders assassinated since the signing of the peace accord, brought the social movement to a nationwide protest during the first half of 2019.

The protest pressured the government to approve the plan for the functioning of the High Level Space of Ethnic Peoples (IEANPE in Spanish), an official space in which IP and AD organizations have a high-level representation for monitoring the implementation of the peace accord. Considering the pressures from the social mobilization and international community, the government opened a call for technical-budgetary proposals to implement the peace agreement.

To respond to the government’s call for technical-budgetary proposals between the period June-October, RRI is supporting ONIC with the SRM to prepare a proposal for technical guidance and budget allocation to advocate for the inclusion of the actions enshrined in the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Agreement in the national public budget for 2020. The preparation of the proposal is underway, and it will be passed to the Congress for approval.

Links to evidence:

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