Latin America


2021 - 2022


ASOMCAUCA (Association of Afro-descendant Women of Northern Cauca)

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RRI is supporting the Association of Afro-descendant Women of Northern Cauca in its fight to to gain recognition and protection of Afro-descendant community conservation systems in the Pacific Cauca region in Colombia. Activities began in December 2021, but will be ongoing until 2023 and include:

  • Organization of assembly for the socialization and discussion of the project with the communities for approval of the workplan.
  • Identification, delimitation, and mapping of conservation areas in each Community Council.
  • Holding assemblies for each of the Community Councils to officiate the areas to be conserved.
  • Organization of follow-ups, evaluations, and monitoring of activities to track the evolution of the process in each area, to gather lessons learned, and to plan next steps.