Central African Republic




February 6 - June 30, 2018


Center for Environmental Information and Sustainable Development (CIEDD)

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This year, the government of Central African Republic announced its decision to draft a new land law, as the current legal framework centers on outdated laws from 1899, 1960, and 1964. With this crucial legislative opening, CIEDD used the SRM to solicit community feedback and secure women’s, indigenous peoples’, and local communities’ rights within the new framework.  Furthermore, CIEDD, established a network of parliamentarians (REPAR-CAR) to monitor the drafting and to champion the law within the government.

Thanks to the SRM, CIEDD was able to relaunch the land reform advocacy that had previously been undertaken by civil society but had stalled due to blocks and delays by the government. Significant progress was made in evaluating and responding to the proposed draft law first by hiring a consultant to analyze the draft, and then through consultation meetings with communities. Moreover, CIEDD will present a position note on the integration of women’s, communities’, and indigenous peoples’ rights in the new law to the government.