Tenure and Investment in East Africa: Power and Bioenergy

Author: Rights and Resources Initiative & TMP Systems

Date: February 9, 2017

Tenure disputes in East Africa have created financial and reputational problems for the companies and investors involved. These issues are becoming significant at a macro-level as well as a project level. Energy projects have experienced contagious disputes that have undermined the attractiveness of the sector for international investors in key countries.

This paper examines recent case studies of tenure-related dispute in East Africa to help companies, investors, governments, and CSOs avoid and resolve them more effectively.

  • Key Findings
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Key Findings

The assessment of the cases of tenure-related dispute in East Africa leads to the following recommendations for companies and investors:

  1. Work with current, independent information.
  2. Make agreements and consult with local communities directly.
  3. Follow the highest available standard on tenure to reduce exposure to risk.


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