An Ear to the Ground: Tenure Changes and Challenges for Forest Communities in Latin America

Author: Deborah Barry Rights and Resources Peter Leigh Taylor CIFOR

Date: October 20, 2010


The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) “Listening, Learning and Sharing Launch” (LLSL) was designed as an “ear to the ground” for hearing the assessments and concerns of NGOs, community organizations,politicians, scholars, and governments in lowland tropical forest countries around the world. With limited financial and human resources dedicated to this, the exercise attempted to gather these inputs, concerns and perspectives to help shape the unique effort ‘under construction’ in RRI to bring the voices, experiences and current issues of communities and social movements to planning ways to break the logjam that isimpeding progress in improving management of the worlds forests. We realize the sense of urgency, as we are at a time when the world is faced with global climate change and needs to maintain and expand forest coverage while protecting the local livelihoods that also contribute to protecting global ones.

In the Latin America LLSL, information, analyses and interpretations were gathered regarding trends and issues through desktop research, case studies, interviews, field visits, and researchers´ participation in regional events. Given the significant forest area now under indigenous peoples´ claims and/or control, special emphasis was given to gathering perspectives on tenure and poverty issues among indigenous communities.

Key Findings


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