New analysis of the global state of rights and resources:

RRI has released its 2014-2015 annual review of the state of rights and resources, Looking for Leadership: New inspiration and momentum amidst crises.

2014 was a year in which many governments, environmental agencies, and international development institutions lost credibility, while murders of environmental and land rights activists rose as conflicts over dwindling resources intensified. Fortunately, 2014 was also the year in which unconventional leaders emerged from the wreckage to offer inspiration and solutions at scale. Several enlightened corporations recognized the legitimacy of local land rights, as courts took the reins in upholding constitutional and international commitments. Driving all these shifts were stronger and more effective community and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations.

The events of 2014 brought renewed momentum for securing community lands and protecting the world’s forests. It is this momentum that makes 2015 a potentially pivotal year for the global recognition of land and resource rights.

Read more in RRI’s new annual review on the state of rights and resources globally: Looking for Leadership: New inspiration and momentum amidst crises

Launch Event

The annual review is being launched on February 4, 2015 at 10 AM GMT in London, at a panel discussion. This panel event will discuss key questions for 2015 such as: Can 2014’s unconventional leaders catalyze action on climate change, the widespread recognition of indigenous and community forest land rights, and the implementation of rights-respecting business models? Will conventional leaders join in this momentum? And finally, will the World Bank choose to maintain its safeguards and protect communities’ and Indigenous Peoples’ rights to carbon?

Released alongside the annual review will be Industrial Oil Palm Development: Liberia’s path to sustained economic development and shared prosperity? This report explores how oil palm developments altered the economic trajectories of Indonesia and Liberia.

Watch the live webcast of the RRI Annual Review launch event and panel discussion on February 4, 2015, at 10 am GMT/5 am EST in English, French, and Spanish. For more details, contact Madiha Qureshi.