We are very pleased to inform you all that the Fifth General Assembly of Federation of Community Forest Users Group (FECOFUN), an umbrella organization of community forest users group comprised of 18,133 community forests from all over Nepal, held a successful meeting from June 1-4 2014, with the slogan “New Constitution: Foundation of community property rights, sustainable resources management and prosperity.” In the General Assembly, there were more than 1000 participants including 610 representatives and some observers. The Central Workings Committee of 72 members were selected on the basis of free electoral system and this committee unanimously elected Mr. Ganesh Karki as Chair man, Mr. Bhim Prakash Khadka as Vice Chair man, Ms Bharati Pathak as General Secretary, Mr. Birkha Bahadur Shai as Secretary and Ms Manju Malasi as Treasurer.
After wider discussion between the representatives and observers in the Assembly, they had intended the following way forward for coming four years:

  1. Strengthening community forest’s organization: Our campaign against corruption
  2. Community forest: Crusade for national pride
  3. Way out for Unemployment: Development of forest based enterprise and practice
  4. Our campaign of 2071B.S: New constitution with community property right
  5. Community forest in mitigating climate change: Imperative campaigns of community
  6. Mutual contribution through collaboration: Strengthening identity from local to international level of nation
  7. Community participation over entire forest: Compulsion for making laws and policies

Lastly, we anticipate cooperation with all stakeholders and on behalf of FECOFUN express heartily gratitude to all representatives, observers, staffs, journalist, media, forest users groups, governmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations for making the 5th General Assembly victorious, notable and historic.