Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal

Eight National Executive Committee Meeting 

May 16th and 17th” Silgadi Doti

The Doti Declaration Paper

The Eighth National Executive Committee Meeting of theederation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) was organized in Silgadi Doti on May 16-17″ 2013. The meeting concluded with the Doti Declaration 2013″ given below.

  1. We appeal to fix the date of the constitution assembly election and start the process of the election and create the enabling environment for election on time. Similarly we also request to government and political parties to conduct the local level election this year. 
  2. In order to ensure the local community rights over natural resources and community property rights in constitution we call all the political parties to include their commitment in their election manifesto.
  3. Meaningful participation and consultation of stakeholders in National policies and strategies related to natural resources including forest sector is most to make it users friendly.
  4. We demand for the dissolution of district forest sector coordination committee as it had curtailed the rights of community.
  5. FECOFUN highly condemns on the President Chure Conservation program which is being implemented in the name of Chure conservation curtailing the rights of the community. Additionally we also request to drawback the decision of expansion of conservation areas and national parks and also demand for the participatory approach of Community Forestry Users Groups (CFUGs) on existing conservation and protected areas. 
  6. In order to effectively implement the good governance” and practice of inclusiveness in reality ground we decide to conduct the good governance strengthening program at all levels” from centre to local and vice versa in CFUGs and Federation of Community forestry users Nepal.
  7. Forest mafias” illegal loggers” timber contractors” corrupt forest officials together with some irresponsible representatives of CFUGs had made Community Forest as a medium for corruption and forest destruction in order to make Community Forest unsuccessful. So we appeal to the government for legal punishment for those who are involved in such activities.
  8. Forest products are the pillars of livelihood improvement of the community but the centralized policy and laws had created obstacles on establishment of community forest base enterprises” green jobs” income generation and livelihood improvement programs. We strongly demand to void such policy barriers.
  9. Community forest had contributed on Climate Change mitigation. For this contribution of CFUG we appeal among government to prepare and implement necessary policies and mechanism for payment system and for ensuring forest rights of the community.
  10. We decide to aware the concerned bodies for direct participation of different right holders and stakeholders while preparing and revisiting the act” policies” guidelines and strategies of forest sector as well as demand the massive consultation with local communities
  11.  We request to concerned bodies for current removal and draw back the phony case of representatives of Community Forest and FECOFUN who were arrested and kidnapped issuing different charges while actively working in forest conservation and forest rights movement.
  12. We decide to declare those forest activists as martyrs of Community Forest who lost their lives during the campaign of Community Forest.
  13. World renowned Community Forest campaign is in obscurity due to period of operation plan. To remove such obstacle operational plan period should be added in easy way according to 2nd revision of community forest development guideline program by analyzing district wise status of community forest and work out on the basis of 25 years sustainable strategy developed by the community .Similarly in order to address this issue we draw the attention of concerned bodies to discourage the concept of 5 or 10 years period.
  14. We draw the attention of concerned bodies to void the circulations which are against the ethics of Community Forest development program” forest act” policies and guidelines.
  15. In Terai” inner Terai and Himali area the process of forest handover is stopped up so we decided to strongly demand to carry out the process of forest handover in those areas.
  16. We request to rethink the decision of special court regarding the selling and distribution of timber of Chure area.  The amount received from timber should be deposited on the account of community.
  17. The case of deforestation of Jogbuda area of Dadeldhura district is in special court .We request to concerned parties to give the right of conservation” management of community forest to the CFUGs and also to arrange the management of selling of forest products through CFUGs and deposition of the amount in the account of community.
  18. We demand to ensure the system of promotion of forest products” independent utilization” selling and distribution of forest products by community themselves.
  19. We strongly demand to handover the forest area around the bufferzone of Khaptad National park as community forest.
  20. Some district forest office had issued circulation for double account conduction to CFUGs. We strongly demand to take back such circulations.
  21. We express our gratitude to District Federation Doti” political parties” government and non government organizations of Doti district” local federations and CFUGs for their support and cooperation to conduct eight national meeting of national working committee of FECOFUN.

For details” please email Jog Raj Giri of FECOFUN.