Press release against the National Budget of FY 2070/71

FECOFUN draws its attention on the budget of the fiscal year 2070/71. In the budget plan and program” Nepal government had ignored the successful community forestry program and had included the programs which effects the democratic practice developed by CF. FECOFUN fully disagrees with the budget plan and program and would like to draw the attention of Nepal Government on following matter.  

1. In the budget plan and program of Nepal government CF program is completely ignored. The national and international contribution of CF should be highly honored and the CF program should be included into national prestige plan and significant budget should be allocated.

2. The program which adversely affects the local community” which is against their interest” doesn’t have lawful ground and that which is already relegated by community is given high priority in the budget. Review reflection should be done before allocating the budget to those programs.

3. Although it is clear that the forest sector of Nepal is the base of livelihood of local communities” employment creation and enterprise development but the budget had given priority to conservation focused programs which seriously affects the national and community economy. So the plan for mobilization of forest sector on favor of community and community economic development should be pursued. 

4. Considering the high interest of local community concept of one CFUG one forest enterprise is developed. Sufficient budget should be allocated for one CFUG one forest enterprise.

5. There will be no coordination of local community on anti CF budget program so the budget should be improved at the moment to create enabling environment for promotion of rights and participation of local community and for community based forest management plan development of forest sector.  

Lastly” Government had started the practice of bringing the anti community budget without consultation with local communities who are highly affected by budget plan and programs. Therefore FECOFUN appeals with government to improve such tendency.