Photo: FAO/FO-6657/M. Kashio

A recent published report details the urgent need within the nations of Asia to deliver social equality to women to help reach sweeping goals combating climate change and poverty. The Rights and Resources Initiative released the report in July at the International Workshop on Gender and Forest Tenure in Asia and Collective Forest Tenure Reform in China” which took place in Beijing” China.

The research conducted for the report analyzed forest tenure rights and gender right throughout South and South East Asia. In these regions” gender inequality is perpetuated by economic hardship” cultural and social norms” and insufficient legal rights.

The international discourse about climate change and the destruction of the natural lands continues to accelerate” furthering dialogues about the roles of forested lands in helping to alleviate environmental pressures” as well as support economic development through agriculture and timber industries.

Simultaneous within these discussions” many are also discussing the relationship between women’s inequality and the lack of sustainable development of the land for agriculture and other economic activities. Helping women to advance within their own socities is being explored as having a positive effect on developing local initiatives for adaptation to climate change.

“If women are left out of the land rights equation”” said Cécile Ndjebet” President of The African Women’s Network for Community Management of Forests” “we will see a drastic drop in agricultural production” leading to increasing food insecurity and potential famine. Poverty and displacement will increase” and we will see a drastic rise in conflicts over resource ownership and usage.”

The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) is a global policy group working to help nations develop sustainable forest land tenure and productively transform the worldwide forest economy towards local development.

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