Efforts in Peru helped safeguard the Shipibo community of Santa Clara de Uchunya against the expansion of a palm oil plantation on 38,745 hectares of community land in the Peruvian Amazon. These efforts also led to the suspension of the stock of the plantation’s parent company, United Cacao Limited SEZC, in the London Stock Exchange. United Cacao—a Dennis Melka company with operations in Peru (Plantaciones de Pucallpa S.A.C)—is responsible for the destruction of vast forests in the Peruvian Amazon and economic losses of approximately US$117 million. Due to international pressure, the managing director of United Cacao resigned on January 5, 2017.

This important victory has made Santa Clara an emblematic case of the struggle of indigenous communities against the encroachment of palm oil. It has also contributed to the inclusion of Santa Clara de Uchunya in a list of priority communities awaiting formal titles from the government.

Read more about RRI’s Strategic Response Mechanism, which helped support this work.

Watch a video of community members describing the fight to protect their territories below: