Workshop on Human Rights and Agribusiness in Southeast Asia

10/09/2012 - 10/11/2012



Phnom Penh


This workshop" designed as a follow-up to the 2011 KomnasHAM Workshop on Human Rights and Business: Plural Legal Approaches to Conflict Resolution" Institutional Strengthening and Legal Reform" was convened by the Indonesian Human Rights Commission" with the support of RRI" Forest Peoples Programme" SawitWatch and the Community Legal Education Center of Cambodia. During the meeting" the South East Asian Human Rights Commissions called for action to protect communities and indigenous peoples from the expansion of agribusiness. 

The appeal is targeted at national governments to reform their laws so they protect human rights and require businesses to uphold human rights standards. Workshop participants also called on the ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission on Human Rights to remedy the problems resulting from the proliferation of transboundary agribusiness investments and operations in the region. They appealed to the Cambodian Government to resolve the long standing land conflict in Koh Kong Province between a Thai-Taiwanese sugar plantation company and local people and to the European Union and the sugar importers Tate and Lyle and the American Sugar Refining Company to investigate the continuing human rights violations.

Click here to read the Statement of the Phnom Penh Workshop on Human Rights and Agribusiness in Southeast Asia: Making the Bali Declaration Effective