Workshop on Forests, Landscape and Governance

09/03/2008 - 09/07/2008






The working group “Trees and Forests in Development Cooperation”  invites interested professionals to participate in a international workshop on “Forests, landscape and governance – the roles of local communities, development projects, the state and other stakeholders”. This working group regularly organises workshops and disseminates information on the important contribution which trees and forests can make to sustainable rural development. The group focuses on the synergies between persified sustainable forest management and poverty alleviation.

This workshop is part of a workshop series to be held on this topic. A 2-day workshop on forest governance will take place in Interlaken, Switzerland, in Octobre/ November 2008 (announcement will be posted soon). The findings from the workshop in Bhutan will be fed into the Interlaken workshop.

Overall goals and sub-topics

The main goals of the 5-day workshop will be the sharing of practical experiences on forest governance, and acquiring new knowledge on specific sub-topics in the domain of forest governance; e.g.  promoting an enabling institutional framework (incl. tenure and user rights), addressing the gap between existing forest policies and legal framework and their effective implementation in the field, and developing appropriate capacity and tools, multi-actor and multi-functional management and benefit sharing.

How can forest-related development projects practically contribute to these issues?

The interest in these issues is particularly relevant in the context of a changing environment, in which forests will not only be considered for supplying forest products, but also services from which local people can benefit  (disaster risk mitigation, watershed management, biopersity management, carbon sequestration, adaptation to climate change, etc).

A thematic input on some of the above topics will be provided, with specific attention to the promotion of appropriate changes in attitude and responsibility as well as capacity building.

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To learn more about this workshop, and to find information on registration and participation, please visit the workshop website here.


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