Studies restitution workshop on the return of the displaced populations in the regions of Tombouctou and Gao & the integration of agricultural migrant workers and pastoralists in the region of Sikasso



On August 7, 2014, the Groupe Pivot Droit et Citoyenneté des Femmes (GPDCF) will be organizing a studies restitution workshop with national authorities hosted by the High Council of Collectivities (HCC) at the Salle de Déliberations in Bamako, Mali. Following-up on the findings of a 2013 study conducted by the Réseau Réussir la Décentralisation on the impacts of Mali’s political crisis on natural resources management, these new studies intend to deepen our understanding of how the return of displaced populations and agricultural migrant workers have impacted natural resources governance in the Northern regions of Timbuctoo and Gao as well as in the coveted southern agricultural region of Sikasso. The expected outcome of this workshop is to formulate a series of recommendations for the inclusion of local communities and women’s’ tenure rights in the national peace and reconciliation process.

Contact: Nana Traoré Sissako

Documents: TDRs – Atelier de restitution des diagnostics -GPDCF