Conference on Forests and Common Lands in India




New Delhi


A set of new reports was released on December 18, 2012 at an international conference organized by RRI and the Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD), designed to shed new light on the scope of dramatic, under-the-radar land disputes erupting nationwide. The reports document the historical and structural causes of a recent and significant upward trend in the transfer of extractive resources and land transfer taking place across India—despite constitutional and legal guarantees. An illustrative data-rich map was also released.  The reports and map can be seen here.

Conference Agenda  |  Concept Note

Event Proceedings  |  Policy Brief


Large Scale Land Aqcuisitions: An International Overview Arvind Khare, Executive Director,  RRI

Traditional populations and forests: An overview of Brazilian policies Luis Joels, former director of the Brazilian Forest Service

Estimation of Land Requirement for emergent sectors Dr. Jagdish Purohit, Program Director, SPWD

December 2012 Presentation on Undemocratic and Arbitrary Report Shankar Gopalkrishnan

Collective Forest Tenure Reform under Village Democracy Xu Jintao, Professor, Peking University (China)

Land Conflicts Map

For more information, see the event's Press Room.