Cameroon Regional Workshop: Mbalmayo

03/02/2009 - 03/04/2009





Workshop on reform of forest tenure system in the ancient forest reserves of Cameroon

The objective of this workshop" organized by the Center for Environment and Development (CED)" is to generate recommendations for the Government of Cameroon on reforming land and forestry laws in recognition of local communities’ substantive rights to the forested lands in question.

Claims continue to proliferate within local communities on the issue of forest management and land reserves. The magnitude of discourse around the recognition of rights in these forest communities is an indicator of the need of well structured action to capture these voices and bring them to the attention of policy makers and the general public in hopes of establishing a negotiating process.

Through this workshop" the goal is to build - through the identification of key issues – a trajectory which should lay the empirical" social" and political bases of decision-making and also support action guided by a public plea for the recognition of rights of access and control of  forests in order to improve local livelihoods. The reflection on these issues will be based on four case studies conducted around the forest reserves of Mbalmayo" Ottotomo in the central Region" Bambuko in the south west and Deng Deng in the eastern region.

Resources (in French only)

Programme et objectifs d'atelier

Forêts Domaniales et Jeux de Droits dans le Cameroun Méridional: Le Réveil d’Un Vieux Débat Sans Issue ou La Croisée des Chemins? [resumé excutif]
par Phil René Oyono" Martin Biyong et Serge Kombo (CED)

Photography Credit: Solange Bandiaky" RRI