3rd Regional Conference of National Land Institutions on Securing Community Land Rights in Africa

10/12/2021 - 10/14/2021





From October 12-14, 36 ministers, senior government officials, and civil society representatives from 12 African countries gathered in Lomé, Togo to exchange lessons and new ideas on implementing legal reforms to enforce Indigenous and community land rights across the region. The delegates agreed these reforms to be the most urgent solution to ongoing land conflicts between foreign investors, local authorities, and communities in the region.

The conference participants charted a path to achieve collective land rights reforms in view of improving the lives of millions of Indigenous and local communities, particularly the women among them. They identified and agreed upon 10 recommendations for overcoming common obstacles for implementing laws and policies securing these rights. RRI and its coalition of rightsholders will use these recommendations to inform the future African Land Institutions Network of Community Rights (ALIN) strategy.

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