Community-Held Territories in 24 Tropical Forested Countries

Policy Brief for UNFCCC COP 26 | 6 November 2021

While the historic US$1.7 billion pledge made at the UNFCC COP26 by donors in support of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is a step in the right direction, a lot more is needed to ensure that climate finance reaches the communities actually doing the heaviest lifting of protecting and restoring our landscapes.

This research, produced by RRI, Woodwell Climate Research Center and Rainforest Foundation US, shows in vivid detail the necessity of investing in Indigenous and community rights to avert a climate catastrophe.

The study maps the territories held by 24 countries part of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC), the preeminent organization representing Indigenous Peoples and local communities in five of the world’s most forested regions.

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