In a major breakthrough for indigenous community rights” Peru’s Ministry of Culture has recognized the existence of Indigenous Peoples in voluntary isolation in five areas of the Peruvian Amazon.

An official memorandum was sent on July 10 to AIDESEP” stating the recognition of the existence of different Indigenous People living in voluntary isolation” who in total inhabit 3'976″ 168 Hectares of the tropical forests.

The Ministry of Culture’s recognition is a significant step in the creation of 5 reserves to protect the Indigenous communities. According to Peruvian law 28736″ the first step is to have the government recognize the existence of Indigenous People living in isolation” then” the creation of Indigenous reserves will follow. This recognition was made in response to the requests made in previous years by the Indigenous organizations who have largely claimed protection for the Isolated Indigenous People living in Peru. RRI contributed to this significant step” with the support provided to AIDESEP in developing their advocacy strategy with the national government.

See Official Memorandum here

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