In 2010, during the meeting on "The Preparation Proposal of Redd + in Peru," RRI collaborator AIDESEP expressed its views on the process, and how it excludes the right of Indigenous People in Peru. Since that meeting, AIDESEP has been contributing agreements highlighting the significant progress made by indigenous organizations in the inclusion of their rights in the process FIP and REDD + in the country.

Advancement in the Fight for Incorporating FIP Redd + Indigenous Amazonian


A total of 40 agreements were made from observations from the Plan of Investments of the FIP-Peru (PI-Forest Investment Program), signed on August 2, between the Committee of Directors of the FIP (CD-FIP), formed by the Ministries of Environment, Economy, Agriculture and Culture, and the Amazonian regional Governments, together with national and regional and local leaders of Indigenous organizations AIDESEP and CONAP.


Among the 40 agreements, $50 million will be invested, with which $14.5 million will be granted to meet the demands of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples, divided into 3 priorities: $7 million to meet the demands for titles; $4 million to promote community-based forest management; and $3.5 million to support forest governance of Indigenous communities and organizations. The act also includes other points addressed by AIDESEP and CONAP to be included in CD-FIP and the National Forest Program, the Indigenous participation in specific projects, and the project design of PTRT (A land titling Project) with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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