The Xinca people of the Santa Maria Xalapan community in southern Guatemala denounce the kidnapping, murder, and torture of four community members, one of whom is still missing. The four community members set out on Sunday March 17 to attend a good faith consultation regarding a mining project planned for their area and related conflicts. The four community members are reported to have been kidnapped at gunpoint directly after the meeting, and one was later found to have been murdered the following day. Two others were found to have suffered torture, and the current president of the Xinca Parliament, Roberto González Ucelo, is still missing. 

These events have occurred in the context of the Mining Project San Rafael Las Flores, which local Guatemalan communities have denounced due to the government’s lack of consultation and consideration of the probability of social and environmental impacts of the project. 

Communities in Guatemala have published various releases regarding the incident, which can be found below, and ask for the safe return of the president of the Xinca Parliament. 

In solidarity with the Xinca People of Guatemala,” Press Release from The Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango (ADH), of the Western Peoples Council (CPO)

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