The following article” found on” sums up topics discussed at a seminar on Peoples of the Forest in the Amazon. The main innovation is the introduction of a funding mechanism for indigenous people participating in conservation” as described below.

4/26/07 – “During the seminar” “The Importance of Peoples of the Forest in the Context of Global Climate Change”” Eduardo Braga” Governor of Amazonas” signed a decree ordering activities to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation in the state. The event began yesterday on April 25th and is taking place on board a ship on the Negro River” where 35 participants take part in the seminar.

Among the proposed measures is the establishment of the State Forum on Climate Change and the Forest Bourse” targeting riverbank and traditional populations that contribute towards averting deforestation. The announcement was made at the opening of the event” which will continue until April 27th.

Beneficiaries will be families living in Sustainable Use Conservation Units (such as extractivist reserves) and populations that live in the areas surrounding Full Protection Conservation Units (such as parks). The amount will be US$ 500 a year and will come from a lending fund established with carbon mitigation fees from companies in the industrial complex of Manaus” with a portion of the ICMS (value added tax on goods and services) collected by the state” in addition to national and international avoided deforestation compensation funds.

Other topics to be discussed today are payment for environmental services provided by the forest (such as biodiversity maintenance” CO² sinking and sequestration)” perspectives regarding climate change and future actions” taking into consideration the importance of local populations in this context. Tomorrow” the last day of the event” will be for discussion and presentation of a declaration of the peoples of the forest regarding climate change.

The seminar was organized by the Amazon Working Group” the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in Brazilian Amazonia and the National Rubber Tappers Council. The event is sponsored by the Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Amazonas” the Environmental Research Institute of Amazonia and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Read the original document released by the Alliance below:

Alliance of the Peoples of the Forest”.