Forest plantations, highlighted in the September 2006 edition of arborvitae, the IUCN/WWF Forest Conservation Newsletter.


  • Forest Plantations: the good, the bad and the ugly. Stewart Maginnis, IUCN, and Duncan Pollard, WWF

  • Soy moratorium in Brazil. Brazil's soy industry agrees a two-year moratorium on forest clearing in the Amazon.

  • Pulp fiction: the low-fact financing of pulp mills. Christopher Barr, CIFOR.

  • Promoting smallholder plantations in Ghana. Victor Kwame Agyeman, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana.

  • Plantationsfor people? Can large-scale plantations be developed in ways thatpromote livelihoods and respect human rights? Marcus Colchester, ForestPeoples Programme.

  • Community reforestation for watershed protection in Mexico. Citlali Cortés Montaño, WWF Mexico.

  • Managingforest plantations for ecosystem goods and services. Jürgen Bauhus andJoachim Schmerbeck, Institute of Silviculture at Freiburg University.

  • Supporting smallholder plantations in Vietnam. Sander van den Ende, WWF Greater Mekong Programme.

  • Subsidiesfor industrial plantations: turning controversy into opportunity. AndyWhite, Rights and Resources Group, Gary Bull, University of BritishColombia, and Stewart Maginnis of IUCN.

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