In November, FECOFUN led RRI in setting new directions for community forestry in Nepal by building consensus and solidarity among forest user groups during a time of historic political restructuring.  Preceding the 5th National Community Forestry Workshop in Nepal, two events were organized by FECOFUN and RRI-Nepal to advocate for more secure community rights in the drafting of Nepal’s new constitution and legal framework.

National Council Meeting, November 6-7

200 representatives from 74 of FECOFUN’s member districts in Nepal took part in the National Council meeting, convened to provide knowledge and experience on community forestry to leaders in the Department of Forests.  The most recent meeting, held a few days prior to Nepal’s national workshop on community forestry, was critical in advocating for community rights over natural resources in the drafting of the new constitution.  To reach this end, participants prepared inputs on the three main themes of ths year’s national workshop– community forestry in relation to forest governance, economic contributions and environmental services.

International Workshop on Strengthening Community Forestry Federations in Asia, November 8, 2008

An 8-point Asia Declaration to promote the rights of local people was outlined by representatives of community forest networks from South Asia, Southeast Asia and Canada at the Asia meeting of the Global Alliance for Community Forestry (GACF) in Kathmandu.  The declaration stakes local, customary and legitimate rights of people over forest resources as critical to livelihood advancement and fortifies the linkages between community forestry groups across the Asia region.  Representatives from community forestry groups in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indoensia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam unanimously agreed and demanded that national governments “immediately recognize the federation legally and provide legitimate political space to operate to advance the agendas of communities dependent on local forest resources.”  There was also clear consensus among the federation of the urgent need to globally address forest governance and climate change.

RRI-Nepal 2009-2011 Planning Meeting, November 12-13

Leaders in community forestry and advocacy in Nepal and supporters from RRI Partners met to plan a strategy for supporting and advancing community forestry in Nepal, following the proceedings of the national workshop and the GACF.  Partners identified challenges such as

  • illegal logging and access to forest resources
  • revising natural resource laws to protect community rights
  • establishing climate change and REDD dialogues; and
  • promoting inclusive development that enables forest communities to invest in households and social services.

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