March 30, 2020


Katiba Institute and Collaborators: CIPDP, SIPP, FPP, FIPN

Funding Amount:



Objective: Directly securing the land tenure of the Sengwer and Mt. Elgon Ogiek forest peoples to as much as possible of the c.200,000 hectares of ancestral forest lands claimed, and indirectly advancing the recognition and restitution of up to around a further 500,000 hectares of land claimed by Kenya’s other forest peoples.

Evidence of Achievement:

The SRM actions originally scheduled to conclude in early December 2019 had to be extended since some of the court cases are behind schedule in the judiciary and will not be heard until the first quarter of 2020. Additionally, the taskforce has extended its term until the end of January 2020. Actions to date include:

-Enabled legal support and representation in Kenyan courts (to secure precedent setting court decisions) for Sengwer and Ogiek of Mt. Elgon communities in addition to contributing to the Mau decision Task Force to enable positive change.

-Three court cases have received legal support including supplementary affidavits of community members and experts, draft statements and updated court files, and the facilitation of community members to appear in court.

-The cases have contributed to communities’ elaboration of a memorandum which was submitted to the attention of the Kenyan Government Task Force on the Implementation of the Decision of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the case of Ogienk on Mt. Elgon.

-Mau Task Force visited the Senger, Mt Elgon, and Kapsolwony where community members made oral and written submissions about conservation and management of the forests.