April 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018


Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal

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As of 2017, Nepal is operating as a federal government and now that local governments are in place, the complex process of reworking laws, regulations, and governance institutions on the local level is getting started. This presents a unique window of opportunity to support local rights-based forest and natural resource governance and influence the future “status quo” of policymaking in Nepal. The biggest opportunity for impact emerges from the remarkable fact that almost 2,000 members of FECOFUN, Nepal’s national community forestry federation—this SRM’s proponent—have been elected into local governments, with many elected as mayors and deputy mayors. These, if organized, can become powerful instruments of changes in favor of community forestry, including for favorable laws and regulations.

The SRM proposes to convene, train, and orient the local government representatives on the community forestry issues to ensure that the interests of community forest user groups (CFUGs) are protected and enhanced in the local government regulations and policies; and work closely with selected local governments to create model community forest laws to empower CFUGs, remove regulatory barriers, and initiate implementation of the model laws within their jurisdiction.

The activity will build capacity of local government representatives (especially those who are members of FECOFUN) to protect and enhance the interest of CFUGs in local government laws and policies. By supporting the creation of a model or template “Community Forest Law,” the proposed activity will directly seek to ensure a favorable regulatory and policy regime for community forestry at local government levels.