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Conclusions Principales

  • Analysts have seriously underestimated the role that land-related conflicts play in stalling investment projects, and the magnitude of the cost imposed by these conflicts on the Indian economy and society.
  • Out of 80 high-value stalled projects, more than a quarter (21 projects) are stalled due to land disputes.
  • The total investment at risk in these 21 projects is Rs.1,92,620 crores (Rs.1,926.2 billion). This is 300 percent more than estimates provided in the CapEx database.
  • Land acquisition of both common and private lands is a major cause of stalling of projects.
  • Contrary to the common perception of disputes being limited to privately-held lands, at least 15 percent of the stalled projects were on common lands. The total investment value of these stalled common land projects was Rs.118,800 crores (Rs.1,188 billion).
  • Fourteen of the 21 stalled projects cite acquisition of private land as the root of the dispute.


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