Building a Collaborative Analysis of Global Forest Tenure

03/24/2011 - 03/25/2011



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RRI is a leading provider of forest tenure analysis and tracks forest tenure dynamics across the globe. Producing robust tenure analysis requires standardized methods and definitions, significant effort from specialized analysts and verification by national experts. To ensure that the data are relevant, robust and accessible, RRI seeks to mobilize and train a number of skilled tenure analysts and establish a system for research collaboration.

Facilitators: Jeff Hatcher (Director, Global Programs, RRI), Fernanda Almeida (Consultant, RRI), Luke Bailey (Senior Associate, Global Programs, RRI), Ganga Dahal (Asia Facilitator, RRI). 


  • Build on the analytical methods established by RRI to strengthen the base, quality and reach of RRI tenure analysis by harmonizing analytical methods and increasing the number of trained analysts.
  • Establish RRI Coalition-wide definitions and methods for the collecting and interpreting data on forest tenure dynamics and presenting findings to the research community and to policymakers.
  • Discuss possible expansion of the RRI dataset to address poverty in forest areas, customary tenure rights, the de facto status of de jure rights and other potential issues.
  • Identify elements of a collaborative online platform for refining and adding to RRI’s tenure data.


I. Introduction

Session 1 - Introduction and Goals 

II. Definitional scope of research to date

Session 2 - Definitions

III. Research methods

Session 3 - Measuring Geographic Extent of Forest Ownership - From Exclusion to Ownership - Jeffrey Hatcher

Session 3 - Bundle of Rights - Fernanda Almeida

IV. Strategic research interventions

Session 4 - Methodology presentation - Doing Business 2011 - Ganga Dahal

V. Expanding research scope

Session 5 - Expanding the research scope

VI. Pathways for continued collaboration

Session 6 - Facilitating Collaboration - Luke Bailey

VII. Concluding comments