MegaFlorestais, an informal network of forest agency leaders, works to advance international dialogue and exchange on forest governance, forest industry, and the roles of public forest agencies. Created in 2005, it has quickly become an effective tool to accelerate learning, innovation, and implementation of a common suite of new policy decisions among forest agencies of the 12 most forested countries, collectively representing 65 percent of the world’s forests.

RRI is the acting secretariat of the group, coordinates its activities, and ensures that members participate in key RRI events related to their reform interests. This network also provides RRI with a space to engage with the next generation of leaders of these countries to make them better advocates for rights recognition.

Through the MegaFlorestais initiative, RRI has increased awareness of the need for forest tenure reform and the role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities among global public forest agencies. According to its Independent Monitor, RRI is increasingly seen by such agencies as a credible source of information and training on global issues in governance, trade, and tenure:

“With its great ability for articulation and networking, RRI plays a key role in improving forest management worldwide, bringing together world leaders of forestry agencies for frank, open, and technical debates and the exchange of experiences and lessons learned. RRI plays a unique role in raising the debate and the generation of knowledge on topics of great relevance, supporting diverse actors to improve forest governance.”

Antônio Hummel, Former Director General, Brazilian Forest Service

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