LandMark MapWhile some governments have begun the essential reforms to respect Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ land rights, the lack of reliable and publicly available mapping means these communities remain vulnerable to infringement, while governments are left without the tools necessary to uphold their commitments.

The LandMark Map seeks to address this lack of reliable tenure data as the first online, interactive global platform providing maps and other information on collective lands, by using satellite imagery and other systems to map indigenous and local communities’ land boundaries.

Launched in 2015 by 13 organizations, including RRI, following the 2013 Conference on Scaling-up Global Efforts to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights, LandMark has proved an essential tool in the struggle for secure land tenure. Even where governments do not formally recognize community land tenure, indigenous and local actors have defended their tenure rights using data from the tool. LandMark Map also helps governments, researchers, and private companies better understand the situation on the ground.

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