When appropriately supported, tenure security can help restore forests and strengthen community resilience and adaptation to climate change. Yet, trends toward the recognition of collective land and forest rights are slowing and reviews of country-level plans show that community-based actions are not being integrated in national responses to climate change.

RRI works to ensure that community rights and land tenure issues are prominent in climate discussions, and that relevant actions support the pursuit of sustainable development goals, the need for equity, and efforts to eradicate poverty. RRI collaborates closely with key stakeholders at the national and international levels to strengthen awareness of indigenous and local community contributions to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and in particular, the importance of secure land rights for the realization of key climate commitments.

RRI supports the integration of Rights and Climate through strategic analyses, advocacy strategies, and national and international convenings that address links between the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities and efforts to reduce emissions, enhance forest carbon sinks, and achieve climate resilient development pathways.

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Key Rights & Climate Analyses