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Land Rights Video

Land Rights Videos

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Community Land Rights: A Foundation for Achieving Our Global Goals

10 Years of MegaFlorestais: Connecting Forest Agency Leaders of the Most Forested Countries

This video testimony describes the demands and struggles of 8 Peruvian indigenous organizations for the defense of their communal lands.

See what happens when all those with an interest in land and resources work together.

Learn more about why we think secure community land rights are so vital.

A FOREST FOR LIFE. Forest management in Emberá Wounaan

The Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests and PRISMA capture the achievements of the Embera Wounan Territory in the Darien Province of Panama, in the sustainable management of its natural resources.

Words from RRI Donors, Partners & Collaborators, 2013

Cecile Ndjebet of Cameroon Ecology at RRI Planning Meeting

Samuel Nguiffo of the Centre for Environment and Development at RRI Planning Meeting

Li Ping of Landesa at RRI Planning Meeting

José Suárez del Proceso de Comunidades Negras a la Reunión de Planificación de RRI

Madhu Sarin of Campaign for Survival and Dignity at RRI Planning Meeting

Francis Colee of Green Advocates at RRI Planning Meeting

Julie Weah of the Foundation for Community Initiatives at RRI Planning Meeting

Naya Paudell of Forest Action at RRI Planning Meeting

Baharat Pokharel of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation at RRI Planning Meeting

Myrna Safitri Executive Director of the Epistema Institute, Indonesia at RRI Planning Meeting

More Land Rights Videos

Brazil’s Yudjá People Battle Deforestation

Brazil’s Yudjá Face Challenges to their Ancestral Culture

Campaign Carves Way Forward for Nepal’s Indigenous Communities’ Forest Rights

REFACOF Video on Ndokohi (Cameroon)’s women adapting to climate change through sustainable and green business initiatives.

“La Revolución Forestal” traces Greenpeace and National Geographic on their trip through four forest communities around the country in order to show how community forest management can help stop deforestation and allow the country to witness a true forest revolution.

This interview of RRI Coordinator, Andy White, aired live on BBC World News at 1900 GMT on February 1, 2012.

Event Recordings

Analyzing Land Conflict and Investment Risk in India

Introduction & Welcome

Session 1: Understanding Land Conflict in India

Session 2: Stalled Investments

The 2015-2016 State of Rights and Resources

The 2015-2016 State of Rights and Resources

État actuel des Droits et Ressources 2015-2016

El Estado de los Derechos y Recursos 2015-2016

From Rhetoric To Action

Scaling Up Community and Indigenous Peoples’ Land and Resource Rights

Opening Plenary (English)

Day 1- Reporting Back Plenary (English)

Day 2, Part 1 (English)

Day 2, Part 2 (English)

Day 2, Part 3 (English)

Day 2, Part 4 (English)

Day 2, Part 5 (English)

Opening Plenary (Spanish)

Day 1 – Reporting Back Plenary (Spanish)

Day 2, Part 1 (Spanish)

Day 2, Part 2 (Spanish)

Day 2, Part 3 (Spanish)

Day 2, Part 4 (Spanish)

Day 2, Part 5 (Spanish)

Opening Plenary (French)

Day 1 – Reporting Back Plenary (French)

Day 2, Part 1 (French)

Day 2, Part 2 (French)

Day 2, Part 3 (French)

Day 2, Part 5 (French)

The State of Rights and Resources, 2014-2015

The State of Rights and Resources, 2014-2015

Situación de los derechos y recursos para 2014-2015

État actuel des droits et des ressources 2014-2015

Other Events

Andy White, Opening Remarks at the International Conference on Scaling-up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights.

Landowners or Laborers? English Webcast Recording from RRI on Vimeo.

A panel on the rural development choices facing leaders of developing countries. Hosted by RRI and Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) on February 5, 2013 at Royal Society, London.

Full length video from the RRI panel event held on February 1, 2012 at the London Royal Society. At the event RRI released its 2011-2012 annual review on the state of rights and resources titled, TURNING POINT: What future for forest peoples and resources in the emerging world order?

The event also featured reports from RRI Fellow Liz Alden Wily titled, Rights to Resources in Crisis: Reviewing the fate of customary tenure in Africa.