Latin America


2017 (ended 30 May)


Instituto Socioambiental (ISA)

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The activity supported via this SRM approved in April 2017 has been very successful.  In light of the proposed Constitutional amendment and legislative reforms that could affect historical gains on collective tenure rights, 3,200 Indigenous leaders assembled in the Brazilian capital as part of the Free Land Camp mobilization to advocate for the respect of the territorial rights. Some highlights include:

  • Participants conducted a well-publicized march to Congress to present their demands.
  • Indigenous leaders were also able to meet with the president of the House of Representatives who promised to take their needs into account as Congress debates Constitutional and policy reforms.
  • Indigenous peoples organized committees to follow up negotiation with the government in the coming weeks.

In addition to successfully elevating Indigenous Peoples concerns with respect to their rights, the event strengthened the relationships between RRI’s affiliated networks AMPB, COICA, AMAN and the Brazilian indigenous organization AIPB, all of whom have agreed:

  • to integrating their advocacy efforts into the international movement for collective rights.
  • on a common messaging strategy, and to hold a panel on “Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Climate Change Funds” at COP 23 to demonstrate that international grants are not reaching Indigenous communities.

Finally, the event opened avenues for further collaboration with indigenous and women’s organizations in Brazil and work with new Partner ISA to conduct legal analyses and map indigenous territories.

Please find below clips related to the event:

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