From Risk and Conflict to Peace and Prosperity

Amid the realities of major political turbulence, there was growing recognition in 2016 that community land rights are key to ensuring peace and prosperity, economic development, sound investment, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Tenure and Investment in Africa

A synthesis of an investigation of tenure risk in East, West, and Southern Africa, that shows that a majority of tenure disputes are caused by the displacement of local peoples, indicating that companies and investors are not doing enough to understand competing claims to the land they acquire or lease.

Tenure and Investment in West Africa

Disputes over land and resource rights create operational and reputational risks through delays, rising costs, and curtailed access to finance and markets.

Tenure and Investment in Africa

An empirical picture of the causes and effects of tenure-related disputes between private sector actors and local peoples across different sub-regions and countries in Africa, this analysis details statistical evidence of key trends in tenure-related disputes, including their causes as well as the prevalence of violence, work stoppages, and regulatory interventions.

Tenure and Investment in East Africa

This paper examines recent case studies of tenure-related dispute in East Africa to help companies, investors, governments, and CSOs avoid and resolve them more effectively.

Conservation and Community Rights

A summary of the conclusions from case studies on concrete experiences in rights-based conservation in Mesoamerica.

The State of Community Land Rights in Africa

Investment on land depends largely on land tenure security, and without secured tenure many investors will not commit to the investments in order to support…

Promise and Performance

This report highlights FRA’s potential in transforming forest governance by empowering local communities and the gram sabha to protect and conserve forests; ensuring livelihood security and poverty alleviation; securing gender justice; meeting SDG, especially the goals of eliminating poverty and achieving ecological sustainability; and dealing with climate change.

Land Conflicts in India

This analysis provides a powerful instrument to understand land resource conflicts in India. Based on the emerging patterns from the analysis of the 289 conflicts, our assessment is that this brief has captured roughly 25- 40 percent of active and substantive land conflicts in the country.

Land Disputes and Stalled Investments in India

This analysis seeks to provide evidence-based insight into the thousands of investment projects stalled to date in India.

Toward a Global Baseline of Carbon Storage in Collective Lands

A new report quantifying the carbon stored aboveground in tropical forests that are legally owned or traditionally held by Indigenous Peoples and local communities in 37 countries across tropical America, Africa, and Asia.

Community Rights and Tenure in Country Emission Reduction Programs

New research from RRI reveals that 13 submissions to the World Bank’s Carbon Fund–one of the most advanced REDD+ initiatives–either fail to recognize the importance of land rights or adequately include local peoples in key decision-making processes.

Indigenous Peoples & Local Community Tenure in the INDCs

A review of submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to determine the extent to which Parties made clear commitments to strengthen or expand the tenure and natural resource management rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities as part of their climate change mitigation plans.

Rethinking Forest Regulations

This brief is directed towards public forest sector policy and decision makers and speaks to a critical area of forest governance: forest regulations and regulatory processes as instruments and vehicles for achieving sustainable forest management objectives.

10 Years of Megaflorestais

Just over a decade ago, several forest agency leaders from around the world met in Beijing, China at a conference convened by the Rights and Resources…