Early successes in implementation allow RRI to tell a powerful story of impact—backed up by robust data—and to define a path forward for achieving recognition of community land rights at scale. Armed with this clearly articulated roadmap as well as a robust business case, RRI will leverage its extensive Coalition and allies across sectors to mobilize the ambition, coordinated investment, and monitoring necessary for long-term progress.

Some examples of initiatives RRI has built to convene unlikely allies across silos to drive collective action include:

  • MegaFlorestais, an informal network of public forest agency leaders from the world’s most forested countries, dedicated to advancing international dialogue and exchange on transitions in forest governance, forest industry, and the roles of public forest agencies. By fostering stronger relationships and educating forest agency leaders on the role of tenure in addressing forest governance and sustainable forestry issues, MegaFlorestais has played a key role in catalyzing support for rights recognition within public forest agencies in key forested countries.
  • The Interlaken Group, an informal network of individual leaders from influential companies, investors, civil society organizations, governments, and international organizations working to leverage private sector action to secure community land rights. Faced with the challenge of growing demand for opportunities to engage with supplier companies at the national level–who have historically posed a challenge to securing rights on the ground–the Interlaken Group has convened several national-level workshops in key countries that have brought diverse sets of actors. These efforts build on RRI’s existing relationships with companies, investors, and government stakeholders to facilitate adoption and implementation of best practices on community land rights, and rapidly scale up sharing of lessons. Read more about the Interlaken Group’s growing body of country-level engagement.
  • Land Rights Now, an international alliance campaign to secure indigenous and community land rights everywhere. Land Rights Now calls on governments and others in power to take action. It builds broad alliances with active citizens, communities, and organizations across the world to collectively demand tenure security for the world’s Indigenous Peoples and local communities.