Latin America Gender Justice Regional Workshop






The RRI Regional Workshop on Gender Justice: A Vision for the Future in Latin America, was held on 31 August 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia, and aimed to map different themes, strategies, and actors/alliances concerning a gender-based approach to collective tenure rights over land, territory and resources based on the current, social, political and economic realities in the region. The workshop’s thematic points of focus were territorial governance, mechanisms to safeguard women’s political participation, anti-criminalization and the protection of land and human rights defenders, and the articulation of gender and ethnicity around strategies surrounding access to land and resources. Further, participants agreed that multi-level engagement with the government, private sector, international donors and media is essential to making advancements in gender and tenure reform. The workshop also contributed to the establishment of next steps for participants, including the creation of working groups in the thematic areas of issue identified, the definition of mechanisms for communication and coordination among participants and regional actors, and the identification of opportunistic moments for collective action.

Download the workshop agenda (in Spanish).

Download the workshop’s concept notes (in Spanish).