Fifteenth RRI Dialogue on Forests, Governance and Climate Change




Location Name:
The Newseum

Washington DC


The dialogue took stock of two far-reaching developments in  global efforts to reduce forest-based emissions: 
  • The agreement reached on REDD+ at COP19 in Warsaw, and 
  • Approval of Emission Reductions (ER) transaction program by the Carbon Fund of the World Bank
The Warsaw agreement gave a burst of new energy to the REDD+ community, and the debate now shifts to what activities to prioritize, how to fund them, how to make real progress on the ground, and how to monitor compliance with safeguards. The question of how to establish carbon rights in countries where ownership over land and forests is already frequently contested, and carbon legislation rare, is now being driven by the finalization of a carbon purchasing policy by the World Bank's Carbon Fund.  Discussion in this dialogue  assessed the opportunities and challenges presented by these developments and priority steps forward to ensure that the rights of Indigenous Peoples and other local communities are enhanced and safeguarded.  Participants from community organizations, governments, private sector firms, donor agencies, and research and development organizations form around the world were in attendance and discussed the following topics: 
  • What happened in Warsaw and what are the implications for carbon rights and safeguards?
  • The status of forest carbon rights today
  • The Carbon Fund Methodological Framework: status, challenges and opportunities
  • The way forward on carbon rights, safeguards and REDD
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