Dialogue on Land, Conflict, and Investment Risks in India




Location Name:
Claridges Hotel

New Delhi


This event was webcast live at 12 – 7 pm, 3 September, 2015. A webcast recording can be seen here.

India’s growing energy, industry, and development needs require a substantial transformation in land use, impacting millions of customary users of land. To date, India has been struggling to address the challenges arising out of these transformations, as indicated by a rising number of land-related conflicts affecting at least a quarter of the country’s districts. At the same time, the delays affecting investment projects due to these conflicts are beginning to undermine India’s larger financial system. Global scale studies clearly demonstrate that this problem is faced around the world and that there is little appreciation of the investment risks posed by insecure and unclear land rights of local communities.

At this dialogue co-organized by RRI and the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), India, two framing presentations will be made: 1) Review of global empirical evidence exploring links between land rights, conflict, and investment risks; and 2) Review of empirical evidence from India related to land, conflicts, and risks to investors and large financial system. A panel of experts will debate the issues and participants (both present and virtual) will join the discussion.

The Dialogue participants will represent financial and regulatory institutions, leading multinational companies and investors, economic and financial analysts, and civil society organizations working with local communities. The evidence presented and the resulting deliberations are expected to provide substantive input to policy options that enhance land rights of communities, reduce investment risks, and stabilize financial systems. Download the event packet (including concept note, agenda, and speaker biographies).

While this event is by invitation only, it will be webcast live on this page on September 3.  Webcast viewers can ask questions using the hashtag #RRIDialogue or send questions via Skype to RRIDialogue.

For questions, contact Gaurav Madan (RRI) or Geetu Makhija (NCAER).