The government of Colombia issued a New Decree that establishes administrative measures to protect Indigenous Peoples’ ownership of their ancestral territories, until titling process is completed.

With the issuance of Decree 2333 of November 19, 2014, the right of possession of traditional and/or ancestral territory is protected through the adoption of administrative measures ensuring the full and effective enjoyment of land rights of Indigenous Peoples, while the processes establishing, expanding, reorganizing or restructuring of indigenous reservations are being advanced.

In summary, the administrative measures to protect ancestral and/or traditional territories are aimed towards:

  1. Protecting ancestral and/or traditional possessions.
  2. Repealing of resolutions awarding public lands to private individuals where indigenous communities are established.
  3. Preventing the allocation of public lands to individuals, where communities are established or where lands constitute part of their habitat, as well as in lands that will be allocated for the establishment of reservations.
  4. Suspending police processes by INCODER at the request of a party, whenever there is a request for extension, constitution, reorganization or restructuring of a reservation, until the titling process is completed.
  5. Titling and demarcation of territories of Indigenous Peoples living in isolation.
  6. Creating an inter-agency coordination to unify information related to the property of indigenous territories and demographic issues.