The Tenure Facility | History of Indigenous Peoples Land Rights in Indonesia TimelineThe International Land and Forest Tenure Facility (“the Tenure Facility”) grew out of a recognition that efforts to secure community land and forest tenure rights were not receiving sufficient resources to address the level of insecurity pervasive throughout much of the developing world.

Launched in 2014 and incubated by RRI in its early days, the Tenure Facility is the first and only funding institution devoted solely to securing tenure rights for local communities and Indigenous Peoples. It is designed to respond quickly and flexibly, and to complement the ongoing efforts of indigenous and local actors at the country level, while enabling its partners from across the globe to learn from and collaborate with one another.

Six pilot initiatives currently operate with support from the Tenure Facility and are located in Cameroon, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Panama, and Peru. Through these pilots, the Tenure Facility provides technical and financial assistance to Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ organizations to build on and scale up their ongoing efforts.

The Tenure Facility also provides a space for local and national governments to collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and local communities as well as tools for governments to accelerate the process of recognizing community land tenure.

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